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Russian Federation Trademark Registration

For filing purposes, we do need the following:
a) name and full registered address of the applicant
b) description of good/services to be covered by the application
c) whether conventional priority should be claimed
d) the trademark (if it is a device mark, an electronic version of it).

The application does not need to be signed by the applicant itself: we draft the application with the information provided to us and we sign it on behalf of the applicant. No power of attorney is required by the Russian Patent Office at the time of filing the application.

A Power of Attorney might be requested my the Patent office but usually it does not.

Typically, there is a year to year and a half period between the filing of an application and the issuance of the certificate.
These time frames may vary as result of administrative delays, backlogs or interventions by third parties.

If a provisional refusal is issued by the Examiner, it will provide for an initial six (6) month period to answer.

A registration is valid for a period of 10 years from the registration date and could be renewed for further 10 year periods.

This renewal can be asked in the year of the 10th anniversary of the registration.
It takes about 2,5-3 months to renew a trademark.

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