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Papua New Guinea Trademark Registration

1. Legislation:
Trade Marks Act (Chaper 385), 1978

2. Papua New Guinea to apply for the required information:
1, apply to legal persons, attached to a business license or a valid registration copy of the official seal; personally identifiable natural person apply for the attached copy of certificate;
2, the applicant's details (in English), including name, nature, nationality and full address, zip code, contact;
3, the electronic version of the trademark standard;
4, trade names and categories;
5, signed a trademark power of attorney;
Papua New Guinea trademark registration procedures:
1, the applicants' qualifications:
Natural and legal persons may apply for trademark registration on the goods and services.
2, the application process (smooth):
(1) the form of review: the legality of the application is submitted after the submission of the application documents, logos, power of attorney and other documents reviewed; compliance will be granted to the filing date and application number.
(2) a search report: Bureau of the inner co-own Papua New Guinea trademark prior to registration or application is OK to retrieve and issue a search report, and issue a search report The applicants will be received prior to the announcement of the trademark will be the search report, and decide whether to arrange the Trademark Gazette.
(3) The substantive examination: within the Association Board reviewed the Papua New Guinea, trademark applications, only its registrability (ie, a significant sex), also known as the absolute grounds for review, not the relative grounds of review, which is not cited in the first the right to reject the application.
(4) Notice: Upon review, the review of the official trademark application can be accepted, we will publish a notice in the Papua New Guinea Official Trademark Gazette. 3 months from the announcement date for the objection period.
(5) Approved: by the objection, ruling that can be registered trademarks or bulletin no objection to a trademark will be allowed to register and issued a certificate of registration. Throughout the smooth application process (if not dismissed, objections, etc.) about 9-12 months.
3, Papua New Guinea trademark is valid: from the filing date the date 10 years, the registration expiry date needs to continue to use, should be registered in the application for renewal of registration effective before the expiration of six, each renewal of registration valid for 10 years.

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