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Belarus Trademark Registration

Requirements and Procedure for Trademark Registration in Belarus
Trademark registration requirements in Belarus

Power of attorney simply signed (legalization and notarization is not required).
Design of the trademark in JPEG format in case of a graphical trademark (not required for word mark).
The detaliation of goods and/or services for witch the trademark will be registered or the classes in case they are known.
Details of the trademark applicant (name, address, registration number).
Invoicing details (name, address, fiscal number, registration number).
Information related to the previously filed trademarks, in order to benefit of the priority date, if it is the case. Certified copy of priority document if priority is claimed (may be filed within three months from the filing date);
Trademark registration procedure in Belarus

After completion of filing procedure the official notification of the receipt of the Application is issued within 3 months. Then the trademark undergoes substantive examination for about 15 months. On condition that the Trademark meets the requirements of protectability the grant decision is issued. After payment of the registration fee the certificate of registration is issued within 3 months. There is no opposition stage. The protection lasts 10 years from the filing date.

Other trademark procedures in Belarus

Trademark renewal in Belarus: The renewal may be done within the 6 months before expiry. For the renewal we need a simply signed power of attorney. After the trademark in renewed, the protection lasts another 10 years.

Trademark changes in Belarus: For changing the name or the address we need a simply signed power of attorney that incorporates the new identification data and also an official document that certifies the name change.

Trademark assignments in Belarus: For the assignment we need the power of attorney signed by the assignee and a deed of assignment signed by both parties. There are no consideration provisions, no tax implication, and no stamp duty. Assignment may be done with or without Goodwill. Pending application may not be assigned.

Trademark use in Belarus: A registered mark may be cancelled if it has not been used for consecutive 5 years.

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