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Anguilla Trademark registration

Trademark registration requirements in Anguilla

-Power of attorney, notarized.
- Design of the trademark in JPEG format in case of a graphical trademark (not required for word mark).
- The detaliation of goods and/or services for witch the trademark will be registered or the classes in case they are known.
- Details of the trademark owner (name, address, registration number).
- Invoicing details (name, address, fiscal number, registration number).
- Information related to the previously filed by you trademarks, in order to benefit of the priority date, if it is the case. A UK – based application usually takes about four weeks to be processed. Paris Convention priority can be claimed
Trademark registration procedure in Anguilla:

The registration procedure lasts 6 months. The protection lasts 10 years from the filing date. It usually takes two months for the Registry to process a local application for registration. Once the registration is complete the Registry will issue a Certificate of Registration of the Trademark (for a local registration) or a certificate of Registration of UK Trademark (for a UK – based registration).

Other trademark procedures in Anguilla:

Renewal: For the renewal we need the simply signed power of attorney and the certified copy of UK renewal certificate.
Changes: Simply signed power of attorney under the new name and the official document certifying the change of name.
Use: If the registered mark has not been used for consecutive 5 years prior to cancellation action, the cancellation action may be filed by any interested party.

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