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ARIPO Trademark Registration (African Regional Industrial Property Organization)

States currently party to the Banjul Protocol are Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Total 8 states.

Formal filing requirements are as follows:
Name and address of the applicant including nationality, his domicile and the address of place of business. Required at the date of filing.) If the applicant is a legal entity, a duly certified certificate of incorporation or an extract from the commercial register is required.
Representation of mark. 15 prints of the mark not exceeding 9cm x 9cm. where color is claimed as a distinctive feature, the applicant shall append to his application copies in color of the said mark.
Priority document, if priority is to be claimed. Required to be submitted within a period of two months from the date of the earlier application certified as correct by the appropriate authority.
A complete list of the goods or services in respect of which registration of the mark is requested. (Required at the date of filing.)
Classification of goods and services shall be the Nice Agreement concerning International Classification of goods and services.

Designated states.
Power of attorney simply signed. (Can be lodged within two months from the date of application.)

The international classification of goods and services is applied. One application can cover more than one class.

A trademark registration shall be valid for ten years as of the date of registration and may be renewed for similar consecutive periods.

Renewal application
(a) Simply signed power of attorney.
(b) Prints of the trademark as originally registered.

Change of name and address.
(a) A power of attorney simply signed.
(b) A duly certified copy of the change of name and/or address issued by a competent authority.

Assignments and business licensing agreements.
(a) A power of attorney simply signed.
(b) A duly authenticated assignment and licensing document.

Note: As regards designated states having domestic laws which are devoid of provisions dealing with such registration, ARIPO Office shall register the required assignments and licenses. On the other hand, where the domestic laws of a designated state provide for such registration, the office of the designated state shall upon completion of the required registration, provide ARIPO Office with the particulars.

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